The Invisible Wall

If you’re anything like I used to be, you’re probably used to the emotional rollercoaster that goes with owning a horse.

Some days your horse seems to hang on your every word and you walk on air.

Teddie and Jazz

But other days you come away from the barn feeling frustrated, disappointed and sad.

You really want that feeling of connection but it happens all too rarely.

And often your horse is so unpredictable you can never tell when (s)he is going to spook next.

Which of course makes you feel anxious...

Which makes your horse tense...

And from there things can quickly escalate out of control.

You know how that goes.

Then one moment he's crowding you and being all mouthy...

And the next he's totally ignoring you like you don't even exist. 

All of which leaves you thinking to yourself...

"This is not what I signed up for!"

And I totally get that you feel like that...

Because I used to feel that way too after I discovered...

I too was a victim of the Invisible Wall

The Invisible Wall

But the good news is...

That it doesn't have to be like that.

And I certainly don't want you to have go through what I had to to break the Wall down.

Which is why I'm going to reveal to you in this report the secret...

To unlocking a whole new world of possibility and partnership for you and your horse.



Understanding THE problem behind all other problems with your horse

by teddie Ziegler

Do any of the following describe you…

  • You don’t want to hit or punish your horse
  • It makes you uncomfortable when others tell you that you need to dominate your horse
  • You want to become a better human partner for your horse despite all the frustrations
  • You're not sure you know enough
  • You're desperate to make your horse happy even though he scares you sometimes

If any of those descriptions ring true, then you are MUCH closer to finally succeeding than you think.

Here’s why I say that:

  • Your reluctance to hit your horse SHOWS that you care
  • Questioning the "normal" way of doing things DEMONSTRATES your courage and independent thinking
  • Soldiering on despite the challenges REVEALS your willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed with your horse
  • Questioning your abilities DISPLAYS you're willing to accept responsibility for your results
  • Thinking you're disappointing your horse MEANS your heart is in the right place
  • Taking the time to read this report EXHIBITS your willingness to explore new approaches and ideas

All these things show me that you have what it takes to be successful with your horse…

BUT your efforts are being misdirected.

In other words…


It’s WHAT YOU ARE DOING (or what you've been told to do) that's not working.

Let me explain by telling you how I found out...

My horses were just using me as a feed dispenser

Hi, my name is Teddie Ziegler and I’ve been around horses since 1st grade.

Despite being an outdoors girl, I’ve always loved science though so ended up going to college where I got my degree in Behavioral Psychology.

After I graduated, I worked with autistic children, elderly patients and then later Alzheimer's patients but my love of horses drew me back.

After studying with some of the well-known names in the industry I became a trainer myself.

I thought I was a bit of a hot-shot but I was just using the same high pressure, coercion tactics I'd been taught.

I was doing what most people still consider as "normal".

As far as I was concerned my 2 boys, Jazz and Apollo, were perfectly behaved and extremely loving.

Jazz and Apollo

That was until the day I discovered they'd just been using me as a feed dispenser.

Here's how I found out...

I was out in my truck one night when I was rear-ended by a drunk driver and ended up in hospital for several months.

When I eventually came out in a wheelchair I couldn't wait to see my boys again as you can imagine.

Except... they didn't want to know me.

At first I thought it was because of the wheelchair but this behavior went on for a few days.

And the longer it went on the more obvious it became...

Jazz and Apollo had only spent time with me before because I'd brought them their food.

And now that someone else was feeding them, they ignored me.

The connection I thought I had with them had all been an illusion.

Suddenly I was left facing...

The reality of the Invisible Wall

It felt like this impenetrable barrier between us.

I’d been dumped by boyfriends in the past but this felt far worse.

The shock of it felt like rock bottom after everything I'd been through.

I even considered selling my boys and getting out of the horse world altogether.

But that really wasn’t an option as I loved them with all my heart and couldn’t stand the rejection.

So I made the decision that I was going to figure out how to break down this Wall and truly connect with them.

I didn’t care how long it took or how hard it might be.

I wanted them to WANT to be with me FOR ME, not for food.

But how?

I thought that if I tried some training that this might help.

I obviously couldn't walk so I got my Mom to be my legs while I gave instructions to her, Jazz and Apollo.

The arrangement kinda worked and the boys performed well enough but I wasn't interested in just getting their cooperation.

We persevered though and tried all the usual training tactics as round pen work, lunging, long line, and liberty work.

 And I thought we were making some progress until... 

My illusions were shattered (again)

One day we were out training, doing some intense round pen work when we must have pushed them too hard...

And Apollo totally freaked out.

He went into a bucking fit during which he accidentally kicked my wheelchair and sent me sprawling to the ground.

After we'd all calmed down and dusted ourselves off we assessed the damage.

Nobody was hurt and apart from some minor scrapes on my wheelchair the only thing that was seriously dented were my hopes.

The incident made me realise that Jazz and Apollo had only been cooperating with us because we'd been making them, not because they wanted to or were enjoying it. 

This felt so far away from the kind of partnership I was looking for that I began to feel really down again and all those thoughts of quitting came flooding back.

None of the usual training methods were working and I couldn’t figure out why.

And just as I seemed destined to fail...

The breakthrough came

Here’s what happened...

One day I went with my Mom to our local library and while we were there I came across a book on the Bedouins...

And how they were able to develop such a strong bond with their horses because of the time they spent together.

Bedouin tent

They even shared a tent at night.

And this gave me an idea.

I knew I couldn't follow my horses round...

So the next time I went out to them I asked my friend to put me up on the back of my oldest horse, Jazz.

I had very little ability to use my leg muscles and wouldn't have been able to stay on if Jazz had spooked or bolted.

But he seemed to understand my desire to be close to him and stood stock still as I was helped up on his back.

When I finally got astride him I just sat there for the longest time, scared to move.

Jazz waited for me to calm down and then he started to walk around slowly and graze.

We managed a whole afternoon without any mishaps and this then set the pattern for the rest of my convalescence.

My friend would put me up on Jazz and I'd spend hours lying or sitting on him in the company of his son Apollo and my friend’s horses in the paddock next door.

Which meant I got a front row seat and a priceless education into the workings of the herd.

I became such a part of their daily life that after a while they stopped treating me as an outsider and I simply became a part of the herd.

At the same time I was undergoing physical therapy and very slowly I began to regain the feeling in my legs.

And by the time I was finally able to walk again...

Everything had changed

Now my boys wanted to be near me.

And whenever I wandered off they'd follow right after me as I was now a part of their herd.

The Invisible Wall between us had completely dissolved...

And instead of the emptiness in my heart...

I now felt this deep bonded connection.

But that wasn't all...

Because everything I did with them became easier too.

Jazz and Apollo were now willing to listen to me and follow my lead because they TRUSTED me.

Which meant I no longer had to deal with the ongoing fights and unexpected spooking.

And by the time I was finally released to ride again, words don’t do justice to how magical it was.

I had ridden Jazz hundreds of times before but never like this.

The months I spent on his back meant we were in total sync with each other and our movement together riding was unreal.

We were 2 hearts truly beating as 1.

It was how I had always dreamt it could be.

That was the first time I understood what true connection really is.

I was ecstatic about the transformation in our relationship and their reaction to me but being the science nerd I am...

I wanted to know...

Why our relationship had transformed

So I started reading scientific papers on equine horse behavior.

And what I discovered is that the time horses spend with each other is fundamental to their feelings of safety.

As prey animals horses seek refuge in the herd which then builds trust between them as they are literally looking out for each other.

Under natural conditions almost all horses live in social groups and experience stress when they are isolated.

What this translates to for you is... the more 'horse' time you spend with your horse, the less anxious he will be around you.

And the less anxiety he has, the fewer"bad behaviors" he displays.

Which is why if you've been struggling with any of the Fight, Flight or Freeze issues that came out of my survey such as:

  • Nervousness and spooking
  • Pushiness and nipping
  • Bucking and bolting
  • Boredom and lack of interest

It's to be expected.

These are your horse's natural reaction to threats.

If a horse is "misbehaving" or being "disrespectful", these are only labels we have given him. He’s just acting out of fear to the threat WE ARE being to him.

In other words...

WE are the problem in this situation NOT the horse.

So if you want to develop a real partnership and true connection with your horse...

  • Forget the 'microwave culture', instant results approach - this is not how horses operate
  • Ignore anyone who tells you to dominate your horse - this often justifies the use of punishment
  • Don't outsource your relationship or problem fixing - this isn't sustainable and won't give you the result you want anyway

Instead try to:

  • Look at things from your horse's perspective and be sensitive to what he is experiencing in that moment
  • Be present and mindful as a member of his herd
  • Take time to get to know your horse by observing him
  • And allow your horse get to know you by simply spending time together

Because once your horse can sense you understand him...

And you have his back...

It will start to build his curiosity and his interest..

And you will soon become someone he will listen to.

This is the transformation I went through during my recovery and this is now the result:

Why you've struggled until now

We have all been led to believe that because horses are much bigger and stronger than us that we have to dominate them, be the alpha or gain their respect.

But taking this approach often does more harm than good as it is not based on a proper understanding of horses’ natural behaviour - despite what many trainers claim.

And the training that comes from this mindset is focused on control and correcting what the horse is (supposedly) doing wrong.

Which is like giving a cough drop to someone with pneumonia.

It might ease the cough for a short while but the symptoms persist.

In other words...

You can't solve the problems you've been experiencing with training.

Or by going to clinics.

Or by using special equipment.

Because none of them get to the ROOT CAUSE of your horse's behavior problems.

The REAL Problem lies DEEPER than that.

And by continuing to give your horse more training you are actually making this underlying Problem WORSE.

In fact, each time you try to fix it you are adding another brick to the Wall.

Another brick in the wall

The reason for this is that training is only the icing on the cake of your relationship with your horse…

It's not one of the raw ingredients.

training is the icing on the cake

You wouldn't dream of adding icing without having first baked the cake.

And it's the same with your horse.

You've got to get your horse to a place where he is ready and willing to accept training.

Let me repeat that.

You've got to get your horse to a place where he is ready to accept AND retain training.

I call it:

The Hierarchy Of Teamwork

Hierarchy Of Teamwork

After surveying 569 people and speaking with 83 of them I can tell with 99% certainty that...

The root cause of nearly ALL your problems with your horse is a LACK OF TRUST.

Your first task therefore is to build a solid Foundation of Trust between you because without it a true, bonded connection isn't possible.

Once you have established this, you then add a good working knowledge of herd dynamics, horse behavior and horse language.

Then finally, when the relationship between you is totally solid, you can begin to add the icing to the cake and shape your horse's behavior using training.

And unless you develop your teamwork and partnership on this basis, your horse is never going to cooperate with you.

At least not on a consistent basis, which is why you are still getting these unexpected bouts of spooking and erratic behavior.

It's a case of double jeopardy.

No Trust = No Connection AND no Cooperation.

But here's what happens when you fix it

When you fix this root cause of a lack of trust, the Wall crumbles and ALL the problems you've been living with automatically start to get fixed too.

Which means you will no longer have to suffer those feelings of frustration, disappointment and sadness.

And can start to enjoy the peace, satisfaction and joy that come from achieving true partnership (and proving the naysayers wrong).

The answer then is simple...

Give your horse what HE NEEDS and he’ll give you what YOU WANT.

Here's what Danielle had to say about using this approach:

And this will work for you too even if...

  • You’re not as young and fit as you once were
  • Your horse doesn’t seem to listen to you and often seems bored
  • You’ve lost your confidence and self-belief
  • Your horse's erratic behavior scares you
  • Or you've lost trust in your horse

Believe me, if I managed it without the use of my legs, then you will have no trouble at all!

Using my background in psychology along with my fascination with equine science I have developed an ethical way of training that works with your horse's natural instincts.

Which means I'm uniquely placed to help you both now with your current issues all the way through to riding, bitless riding or whatever you want to do.

If this sounds like a breath of fresh air and just what you've been looking for then I'd like to invite you to try:

My Foundation Of Trust Program.

Foundation Of Trust

The Foundation Of Trust is a brand new program and THE secret to sharing a heart-felt connection and partnership without the fear, frustration and fights.

I will lead you through a process so simple and so effective, you will wonder why no-one ever told you about it before.

You will finally be granted the permission you and your horse have been waiting for to really get to know each other.

It will be like a second honeymoon for both of you.

Here's what you're going to learn inside this liberating and transformational program:

  • What you need to think about before you go to your horse so that he knows you are serious about playing your part in the herd
  • Why your horse can't understand you sometimes and the effect this has on his attitude towards you
  • How to make sure your horse feels safe so that everyday tasks become a breeze
  • A virtually unknown way to let your horse know you've got his back.
  • How allowing your horse to say 'no' will transform your communication together and actually bring you closer
  • Some simple steps you can take in times of stress to ensure your horse doesn't spook out of control
  • The #1 most powerful tool you have to prevent Equine Confusion
  • The single biggest secret I used to go from being a feed dispenser to becoming an integral part of my horse’s herd
  • A super simple way to connect with your horse in a deeper manner just as horses do with other horses
  • A simple exercise to quickly ground you and help put you in the right state of mind before you go out to your horse
  • 3 facts you must understand about horse herd behavior so you can establish your own place in the herd
  • How a simple routine can turn a chore into an opportunity to bond even more
  • The easy way to relax and have fun with your horse no matter what your age or physical fitness ability is
  • The quickest, easiest technique you’ll ever find for overcoming the language barrier between you and your horse
  • 5 'Get out of jail' techniques you can use to calm your horse down and regain his trust when stress levels become elevated
  • The baby steps you can take to continue to build on the growing trust you have with each other and where that might lead...
  • And so much more
lonely horse

Imagine… a few short weeks from now when your horse is waiting at the gate to greet you like a long-lost friend who hasn’t seen you in years.

Imagine… going out on the trail or for a hack knowing that the unexpected will not cause a major incident because of the trust you have between you.

Imagine… the admiring looks on the faces of your friends when you simply decide to go out for a walk with your horse without halter and without fear that he will suddenly bolt.

Imagine… in the future being able to ride your horse bitless and imagine how grateful your horse will be when you can?

That is how effective a bonded connection with your horse really is when you fully develop it.

Everything you do or want to do with your horse becomes far easier because he sees you as a member of his herd.

He wants to please you and wants to be with you because he has the overwhelming sense of well-being that comes from belonging.

Now, I can’t promise you will experience all that straight away but...

I can promise you that once you get a taste of what Leslie experienced, you will want to see what else is possible for the two of you.

Teddie clinic

So are you ready?

To become the best human partner for your horse?

If so, then let me make the decision a whole lot easier for you.

I’ve been told by students that I should charge over $100 for the Foundation Of Trust program as it's helped them so much.

But I want to make the program as affordable as possible to help as many people and horses as possible.

Which means that during this launch phase you can join the many others starting a whole new way of life with their horse for just $49.50.

And that's a ONE-TIME only fee.

Totally RISK-FREE.

For 30 days *

And all for just $49.50 or less than a box of horse treats.

In return for a life of joy, partnership, mutual appreciation and love.

Go ahead, click the button below to get started on a whole new world of possibilities starting today:

And if all that isn't enough, let me make this even more of a 'no-brainer' for you.

I've gone ahead and added some incredibly valuable bonuses for you so you’ll have everything you could possibly need, and more, to finally connect with your horse like you've always wanted to.

And because I'm so dedicated to your success, I've made sure this first bonus will help you get to the next stage of your relationship with your horse even quicker when used in conjunction with the main program.

The Ask Teddie Facebook Group

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* Personal access to me
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Ask Teddie
Exclusive video content

You have nothing to lose but more time

* I believe so strongly in this program that I'm willing to take on all the risk so you don't have to.

Here's what I mean...

100% Guarantee

MY 100%

If you don’t absolutely love all the content, the coaching and the community inside the Foundation Of Trust and you don’t think it's worth every moment of your investment in it, then contact my support team within 30 days and I will personally authorise a full refund, no questions asked.

But that's not all...

100% Guarantee


If you follow all the instructions and don’t witness a noticeable change in the attitude of your horse, then I want you to write to me explaining exactly what you’ve done, what you’ve tried and what you’ve seen happening in your horse and I will personally respond to you with my suggestions on how you proceed from there.

That's how serious I am about the program and how much I want you to experience the thrill of your horse falling in love with you.

Because the truth is you can't afford to waste any more time than you probably already have.

Every day not spent building the trust between you so you can develop the connection, communication and cooperation you need with your horse is a day you won’t get back.

And with my 2 personal Guarantees above you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you get started NOW.

I must warn you though, that while the price for the Foundation Of Trust program will probably always be low, it's unlikely to remain THIS LOW forever.

We’re starting at a “giveaway price” during this launch phase but can't guarantee how long this will continue.

I may even have to close access to the personal calls with us if numbers continue to grow as they are.

So even if you're just a little interested... please get in TODAY.

The way I see it, you're at a fork in the road and have 2 options:

  1. Carry on as you have been trying to fix your ongoing problems using control, domination and yet more training (and how's that working out?)


  2. Simply try the Foundation Of Trust and experience for yourself the difference it can make - as it has for 'Fernmount Fox':

Remember your first crush??

And the childhood excitement of discovering your love of horses?

That’s what awaits you again.

And remember, this is without force, without coercion, and without going against your better nature and against the natural instincts of your horse.

I can’t tell you the number of students who come through my classes, who are so relieved to finally have found an approach that is both ethical and effective.

And their horses feel the same.

Which is why I love this quote from Einstein:

Because he was absolutely right.

Nothing changes until you make a decision.

Now is that moment.

Go ahead, scroll down the page, click the button below and let's get you started.

I look forward to speaking with you inside the Facebook Group!


P.S. Here are some FAQs in case you have any questions. Click the question to read my answer:

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Q. What's in the Beginning The Connection program?

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