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Daniele Jaekel

I want to tell you that I can already see a huge difference with my horse, we are getting along much better, he listens to me when I get him from his field to the barn (he used to pull me in all directions and stop all the time), and he was mostly behaving well at the show on Sunday (we got two blue ribbons for dressage tests), the judge noted "obedient horse, except for halts"! When he is nervous, he does not like to stop... but he was otherwise a good boy and has been much sweeter with me than before, he is taking and enjoying hugs and kisses -- which he did not before! Thank you Teddie for following up with me, it has been a real blessing with my horse!

Kim Granneman

So the last 3 days I have walked out and did your greeting. Fred and Chili both walked to me today and wanted to say hi! It was super interesting thinking back on how I would greet them, the same way with my hand, but they would pull away after a bit. But after watching and applying your greeting.....i realized i was lingering. Lol. Shaking their hand too long. Lol

Also. I have been grooming them more with my hands. Today also.... I was grooming Chili and he started grooming me. Then while I was doing Fred, Chili started grooming my shoulder and then vice versa. Ha! Maybe I just moved up in the herd! Haha!!!

Philip Hyndman

A quick story. Our new mare has been anxious as she is now on her own and was always in a herd previously. It broke my heart when after 3 weeks at her new home she started regressing. When I got time off work I just hung out with her all day and after a while she started to obviously follow me around. That was great.

But yesterday, well!! I simply couldn’t believe that after a really nice day together in the paddock she approached me and had a snooze just 1 foot from where I stood, her head just near me. I didn’t dare move as we stood for at least 40 minutes.

Words can’t describe how moved I was. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had with an animal. I was so relieved to see her relaxed and happier.

And all from your simple advice. We are not horsey people, limited horse skills, and to see results like this was just delightful. Thank you so so much.

...your email stories and video my wife bought have changed our approach completely, advice we have heard nowhere else.

Violet is improving daily for her early anxiety. We are being a herd for her, just hanging out, feeding and grooming her (she easily halters).

Today she was intrigued by us going about the paddock picking up manure, very friendly, sniffing the trolley as we went about the paddock.

She is interacting constantly with us and always pleased to see us, much more relaxed and sleeping with her head above mine as I sit by a tree

Diane Heffernan

How did you enjoy the '5 Stepping Stones To Connection'?
Loved it. It is the first time i can honestly say that i have completely related to the training.. it all made so much sense. I am looking forward to beginning the next training (but have to wait for more internet?).

I have been sitting, hanging out with my girls. Sometimes i can feel my bond strengthening with my older girl but although i know it will take time , my older girl wont let my new girl near me. And other times they have a sniff and walk off. The training has reinforced in me that spending more time with them just hanging out doing what they want to do will lead to a partnership with mutual trust.

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is not likely and 10 is highly recommended, how likely are you to recommend the program to a friend?

Stephanie Bolme

Leslie Dresser

reawakening my inner horse

Teddie Ziegler testimonial

Teddie Ziegler testimonial