My main work nowadays is concentrated around my 2 Signature Online Coaching Programs: Polarity Coaching and Polarity Coaching Premium. Participation is by invitation only but if you would like to learn more about the programs, please contact me via this link –  Contact me

If you would like to apply for one of my 2 Signature Online Programs you can do so by clicking the links below.  However, before you apply, please read through my latest report to get an idea of what we do here at Polarity Training.


1.Click here for my latest Report – The Invisible Wall: The Root Cause of all your Problems with your Horse

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Here is a Free Masterclass Training Video for you that explains the 4 shifts you need to transform your relationship with your horse. I hope you enjoy it.

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** The 4 Shifts of Transformation with your Horse ** 


Other Programs

For an introduction to my work with horses, please visit the information page about my Beginning The Connection Program

Private Coaching packages

In addition, I also offer a variety of Private Coaching packages as follows:


Private Call – 30 mins *
Private Call – 1 hr *
Private Video Review with 30 min call – 1 video *
Private In-Person Training Session – 1 hr **

* All calls include a recording of the call so you can listen to it again at your leisure.

** Lesson will take place at my ranch in Upper Marlboro, MD or if you live near Upper Marlboro (within 60 miles) the lesson can take place at your home with your horse.