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What do you do in the first 10 minutes you’re with a horse?

Well, I had one of those questions that you don’t expect and that sends you down the ‘rabbit hole’. One that really makes you think! Or at least one that made me have to think really deeply about the answer. Let me explain. A lady from Europe came for a private clinic and after we […]

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Familiarity Breeds Connection

Last week I told you how my business partner and friend for years, Mark, came out from Germany to visit and even though we had never met before, we hit it off right away. And after spending quality time together and doing a lot of talking, it pretty soon felt like we were family… In […]

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What should my horse’s mane and tail look like?

This past week, my business partner and friend Mark came out from Germany with some of his family for a visit. We have been working together for over 5 years and talk weekly on the phone and on Skype but there was still a kind of “disconnect” as we had never actually met each other […]

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How I groom my horse

I love hearing from all of my readers and especially love hearing your thoughts and questions about upcoming blog ideas.  That is the reason for today’s blog. In response to my blog about the benefits of grooming your horse, I had a few questions sent in… Is there a standard way to groom a […]

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Don’t be afraid to ask

This past week was a bit of an excited, action packed blur.  My father came out for a visit from California.  He spent a great deal of his younger life in Maryland, working and having a family, but during the last 30 years he has been living in California. And even though my dad has kept […]

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How science, intuition and bath time help you and you horse

If you’ve been reading my posts on a regular basis than you already know that I am not only an advocate for the horse, but I am also a science nerd. I’m always reading studies and looking for interesting tidbits and new information that can help my horses stay healthy and happy. I also like […]

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I want you to have it all!

Hi again Today’s post was inspired by a song which struck a chord in my heart the minute I heard it. It was one of those songs I had to ask Siri to play again and again. The song is, “I want you to have it all” by Jason Mraz Here is the Verse and […]

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Can you guarantee to stay safe around your horse?

“If I have a good relationship with my horse, does that mean that my horse will always do what I tell him to?” I get this question a lot. And it’s usually followed by this one: “And does that mean that I’ll be 100% safe?” And my answer goes something like this: Well, you’ve probably […]

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Gain the connection you want

What dropping U.S. divorce rates mean for your horse

How’s your week been? I’ve been busy cleaning and painting the house for my Dad’s visit in 3 weeks as it will be his first visit out here. It’s funny how we feel we have to make the effort for our parents, isn’t it? But I guess it’s only right given the effort they made […]

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Benefits of Bath Time with Your Horse

The main reason to bath your horse is to get him or her clean but how many other benefits can you think of? There are actually benefits not only for your horse but also for you! Here’s a few of the benefits for your horse… Your horse is clean of dirt, sweat, bugs, and burs […]

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