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Does your saddle fit?

In this week’s ’emailbag’, there seemed to be a theme so I thought I would share two of my readers’ opinions with you. Personally, when I used to ride in a saddle I always had someone who claimed to be a professional with saddles come out and do a saddle fitting for my horse. They […]

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Do horses have a play ‘circuit’ too?

I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up to an email to one you may have read titled “Bracketology and why horse training has nothing to with basketball”. To give you a summary, in that email I compared the knockout process in the annual college basketball tournament known as March Madness with supposed hierarchies in wild […]

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Horse personalities

What part does heredity play in your horse’s personality?

If you’ve been following my blog posts, most of you know that I like to mix the scientific approach to horses and horse training along with the emotional and spiritual side. And as a lifelong learner I’m always very curious to see what my horses have to teach me. For example… I have been working […]

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We never really know…

We never really know what’s going on in our horse’s heads but we can make an educated guess. As you read in last week’s blog, 7% of human communication involves language and therefore 93% does not. 55% of human communication is body language, which means humans do have some experience with using and reading body […]

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What should my horse’s mane and tail look like?

This past week, my business partner and friend Mark came out from Germany with some of his family for a visit. We have been working together for over 5 years and talk weekly on the phone and on Skype but there was still a kind of “disconnect” as we had never actually met each other […]

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How I groom my horse

I love hearing from all of my readers and especially love hearing your thoughts and questions about upcoming blog ideas.  That is the reason for today’s blog. In response to my blog about the benefits of grooming your horse, I had a few questions sent in… Is there a standard way to groom a […]

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How science, intuition and bath time help you and you horse

If you’ve been reading my posts on a regular basis than you already know that I am not only an advocate for the horse, but I am also a science nerd. I’m always reading studies and looking for interesting tidbits and new information that can help my horses stay healthy and happy. I also like […]

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Sore backs in horses

Can Riding your Horse cause Lameness?

The whole controversy of whether a horse wants to be, or if a horse should be ridden, is a large discussion but today I would like to look at just one aspect of it. Does riding a horse cause lameness, or sore back issues, and actually hurt horses? When a horse shows lameness there can […]

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Horses help heal humans

How Horses Heal Humans

This week is a little bit of a different lesson as I want to give you a warm, positive feeling to take into the weekend. I want to thank you for reading my blogs and for your continued support of me and my online programs. But most importantly… I want to thank you for your […]

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Benefits of Bath Time with Your Horse

The main reason to bath your horse is to get him or her clean but how many other benefits can you think of? There are actually benefits not only for your horse but also for you! Here’s a few of the benefits for your horse… Your horse is clean of dirt, sweat, bugs, and burs […]

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