Horses help heal humans

How Horses Heal Humans

This week is a little bit of a different lesson as I want to give you a warm, positive feeling to take into the weekend. I want to thank you for reading my blogs and for your continued support of me and my online programs. But most importantly… I want to thank you for your […]

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Can you guarantee to stay safe around your horse?

“If I have a good relationship with my horse, does that mean that my horse will always do what I tell him to?” I get this question a lot. And it’s usually followed by this one: “And does that mean that I’ll be 100% safe?” And my answer goes something like this: Well, you’ve probably […]

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lonely horse

Do you think your horse gets bored sometimes?

As you read in last week’s post, I decided to fix up the house for my father’s impending visit next month. I started with the kitchen as that needed it the most. Then of course when one room is clean and fresh, it makes the rooms next to it look a little drab. So, I […]

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Gain the connection you want

What dropping U.S. divorce rates mean for your horse

How’s your week been? I’ve been busy cleaning and painting the house for my Dad’s visit in 3 weeks as it will be his first visit out here. It’s funny how we feel we have to make the effort for our parents, isn’t it? But I guess it’s only right given the effort they made […]

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Benefits of Bath Time with Your Horse

The main reason to bath your horse is to get him or her clean but how many other benefits can you think of? There are actually benefits not only for your horse but also for you! Here’s a few of the benefits for your horse… Your horse is clean of dirt, sweat, bugs, and burs […]

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Happy 4th July!

Think you know about horses?

Happy 4th July weekend to you!! What did you get up to yesterday? We had the usual BBQ bonanza which was awesome as always! Because of the celebrations this is going to be a shorter and kinda different email this week. I came across this quiz about hippology and equine science so I thought it […]

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Tips on how to keep your horse healthy

Tips on how to keep your horse healthy

This week I wanted to keep it quick and simple and address the basics of owning a horse. There are so many things that you have to learn when you have a horse. But there are also a few little things that you should take into account about the health of your horse. Yes, of […]

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Signs, symptoms and prevention of colic

Did you know that colic among domestic horses is the leading cause of premature death? I was reading up on ways to spot, prevent, and help correct Colic as I’m always researching something and learning new ways to help horses. So I wanted to pass on a few of the tips I came across. Colic […]

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How to Give your Horse Treats

I did a private clinic not long ago and was told, “My horse is very sweet and does almost everything I ask, but he always seems to pin his ears when there is food around.” She told me this before I even got out to her home to do the clinic. She wanted to just […]

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Clever zebra

4 ways to reduce flies from biting your horse

Well, summer is here in Maryland and that means the flies are back. Last summer I showed you a neat, little, cost-effective trick for reducing the number of flies in my barn …i.e. the ‘ol bag of water trick. And other than that, I do three other things to help my horses with the flies. […]

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