Teddie Ziegler Horsemanship

Why? What makes you cry?

I was taking part in the Tony Robbins Comeback Challenge and it really made me think. Tony Robbins is an amazing inspirational speaker and he can really pull some good stuff from inside of you. He asked, “Why do you do what you do? and What makes you cry?” What he was trying to pull […]

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Horses are Great Teachers!

“What did you say?” My husband and I go back and forth on this. We both say the phrase a lot. My mother used to call it, “having a mom and pop” conversation. You know those conversations where you think you’re talking about one thing and then find out that your “significant other” is talking […]

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The perfect combination to use with horses

When I’m not with my horses, or reading a good book or research article; I am outside working on my pond, gardening around the pond, or just relaxing at the side of the pond. You get the idea – pond, reading, or horses. But not in that order. That’s the bulk of my world right […]

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Starting Over… Ugh!

Isn’t that how you feel when someone says you have to start over. It can be heartbreaking. You think about all the work you’ve done on this one project, or that you’ve had this one job for over a decade, or maybe you have to move after you’ve spent half of your life fixing up […]

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After Last Week…

After last week’s hectic schedule, I decided this week I would make sure to take breaks. Or at least try to remind myself to take breaks and time to relax. But you know how that goes sometimes. Life can get full and the days can fly by. So, Monday disappeared before I knew it and […]

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Teddie and Kit

One of those weeks…

Do you ever get one of those weeks when you feel like you wading through treacle? Yep, this week had been one of those weeks for me. Some people imagine that the life of a teacher or ‘guru’ is all wine and roses as that’s the way it is often depicted. However, regular readers of […]

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Dave and Jazz

Have you had this happen to you?

A wise man once told me, “I can show you the path, but it is you that must walk it!” I thought, “But, I want you to show me the path, explain it to me so I can understand, and hold my hand and help me succeed.” That’s not unreasonable, is it? And me being […]

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Confidence - Use it or Lose it

Confidence – Use it or Lose it

Why are you not as confident around horses as you would like and what can you do about it? That’s a question I’ve been getting a lot during my 1-to-1 private coaching calls that I have been doing recently. And by the way we have been having a blast talking about horses. So, if you’d […]

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What makes you happy?

This week was a mix of fun, disappointment, pain, and relaxation. That’s a lot of emotions all in the last 7 days. Let me explain. I have battled clinical depression ever since my mother passed away in 2005, which was devastating to me. My depression continued after my grandmother got sick and passed away in […]

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Let’s talk about what NOT to do

Normally, I enjoy talking about positive subjects, keeping the material light and fun, and teaching some sort of lesson (usually based on my own experience). But today I want to talk about something that happened that is not so positive and may be a touchy subject for some. It is something that is near and […]

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