It's Time to Take Advantage of the Equine Loophole

In my experience, most horse training programs are focused on the mechanics and how to get your horse to do what you want.

Usually these rote learning methods are only concerned with the human's perspective and completely ignore the needs of the horse.

Which is why so many people are left frustrated when their horse doesn't do what they want.

And there's a good reason for this...

Because all the horse behaviour I have studied and observed over the years has shown me that...

If you don't start communicating with your horse on his terms, not yours, you will never achieve the trust, connection and cooperation you really want.

Numerous studies have confirmed that horses are social animals and benefit tremendously from being part of a herd.

And when you start approaching your training from that perspective and understand why horses behave the way they do...

Then you start talking a language your horse not only understands but willingly responds to.

I call this secret the Equine Loophole.

And there’s more evidence to back this up…

2002 saw probably the greatest gathering in recent times of equine behaviour and welfare scientists, with expertise spanning five decades of research.

Examination of many popular training practices revealed that they do not always equate with the sound welfare of the horse and can in some cases lead to real harm occurring.

So if you’re feeling lost and confused right now, you can rest assured because you’re not the only one who feels the way you do.

There are tens of thousands of horse owners around the world who are in the same situation...

Feeling frustrated, anxious, lacking in confidence and still struggling using techniques that don’t always work from trainers who don’t always care leaving you no closer to getting to where you want to be.

I’ve also seen so many women come to my clinics struggling because they think that when the going gets tough, they have to get tough too and they are so relieved when they discover that it’s just not true.

If we are to train our horses effectively and ethically then we have to recognise that humans and horses come from opposite ends of what I call the Predator-Prey Spectrum.

Ignoring this is where I have found some of the biggest discrepancies between what the equine behaviour and welfare scientists have witnessed and what is claimed by many horse trainers.

Gain the connection you want

The truth is we can't just ignore or skip over the fact that horses are prey animals and always on their guard for danger. Whereas we humans are predators always looking for control.

And so if we are to develop a better relationship with our horses, we have to acknowledge this intrinsic difference and find a bridge between the 2 species.

This is what my approach enables you to do, while at the same time allowing your horse to have a voice.

I like to think of it as a best of the best blend of the scientific studies of natural horse behaviour and practical horsemanship.

I have developed and refined the approach to where it is today and helped family, friends and students achieve levels of partnership and connection with their horses they had previously only dreamed of.

Join me on the journey

A couple of years ago an acquaintance told me that he'd like to fulfil a 'bucket list' dream of spending time with horses and maybe even riding.

This took me a bit by surprise but I told I knew a very good teacher 😉

I thought it would be a great opportunity also to record the whole process as learning tool for others.

It's not too often I get to work with a complete newbie so it really made me stop and think about each part of the relationship building process as we went through it.

I was amazed how much I take for granted what my regular students already know.

But the really interesting thing was it also revealed to me where so many horse people go wrong when they interact with their horse.

Luckily I was able to capture it all on all film and now you can discover these same nuances too as I take Mark through his relationship and trust building journey...


Beginning The connection

Training Video Series #1

Watch me as I teach a complete novice how to gain the trust and the connection with his horse that he needs to start his journey with horses and riding. 

It's a fantastic 'blank canvas' experience as we start right from the very beginning of his relationship and watch him put the pieces together one by one. You're sure to learn something new too!

If you already have my Foundation Of Trust program this will show you real-life examples of the ideas discussed there and how to put the concepts into action.

Training Series #1

Training Video Series #2

This series looks at some of the more common mistakes I see students make and how to do them correctly.

It's amazing how often what seems like trivial tasks can really upset your horse if you approach them the wrong way.

So these videos help you move forward to build on your  connection using the trust you’ve already established. Plus, all videos have detailed written instructions and explanations to accompany them.

Training Series #2

Here's Just some of what you'll Be Learning

  • How to work with your horse without damaging the connection you have built up so far

  • Why you’re probably confusing your horse without even knowing it

  • A super simple way to connect with your horse in a deeper manner just as horses do with other horses

  • The single biggest secret I used to go from being a feed dispenser to becoming an integral part of my horse’s herd

  • How to put an end to all the unhelpful advice you’ve been getting

  • And much more

Your investment to start the journey with Beginning The Connection is just $49.

When you compare that to the time and money you have already spent on your learning, not to mention the sheer cost of actually keeping a horse, then this is a no-brainer.

And I promise you, once you understand just how horses communicate, you’ll know why so many people struggle to ever properly connect and control their horse…

But more importantly how you will finally be able to start getting the results you want and deserve.

Because once it all clicks for you - your challenges are over.

As one of my students said to me, “It was like going through a looking glass and I finally had everything I didn't before and it happened in an instant."

And because we’ve only just met and we don’t really know each other, I want to make the decision a whole lot easier for you by removing all the risk.

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you invest in Beginning The Connection today you will automatically get my 30 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee, so you have instant peace of mind knowing that if you really don’t like me or the program for any reason, you get all your money back.

Click the button above to get the program and start changing your life and the life of your horse now.

I hope the information I will be sending will be as enlightening to you as it was to my many students.

Dianna Williams
Elizabeth Stricklin
Karen Fitness

I do hope you'll join me and I look forward to welcoming you inside the program.

Teddie and Jazz


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