Am I good enough?

Growing up – even well into my late 20’s – I was so insecure it was painful.

My insecurities were deeply rooted since childhood.

And they went far beyond just feeling a little bit nervous at a party or wondering whether my hair looked good.

I was brought up to be a “good girl” and I spent years of my life second-guessing every single word I said and every action I took.

Every conversation made me feel anxious. I tortured myself with thoughts like…

“Is this person going to like me?”

“Did I do a good enough job?”

“Was it okay to say that?”

“Am I wearing the right outfit?”

You get the idea.

But you know what the hardest part was?

My insecurities kept me from pursuing my dreams.

Photo by Bill Delaney

I spent years worrying whether I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough, even likeable enough.

And it kept me from sharing my talents and gifts with the world.

It also kept me away from people, crowds, and social events.

I spent all my time with my horses and I started the same dialogue with them.

“Am I doing the right thing for my horses?”

“Are my horses happy?”

“How do I work with them without hurting them?”

“Do I know enough to be a good horsewoman?”

So being confident and embracing who you truly are MEANS SOMETHING TO ME.

Because whether you want to do right by your horse or have a great relationship, it starts with loving and appreciating yourself.

I know exactly how it feels to have dangerously low self-worth.

And I did a LOT of work to go from insecure to confident and (mostly!) feeling at home in my own skin and feeling safe and secure with my horse.

I get it.

THIS is what I’m here to support you with.

Because THIS is the key ingredient for your relationship and your connection with your horse.

Photo by Bill DelaneyFeeling confident, radiant and good about who you are is EXACTLY how you start showing up, being there for your horse and truly connecting.

You cannot skip this step.

That’s why I do what I do. I not only want to help horses, but I want to help people with their confidence with horses.

It’s why I create every program, course, clinic and 1-to-1 discovery call.

It’s non-negotiable.

So, here’s my question…

What would have to be going on in your world for you to feel confident, capable and on fire about yourself and your relationship with your horse?

Let me know in the comments below.

And if you want to take some time to chat about it with me and get some help, someone who is in your corner and rooting for you… you can set it up here.

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