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Just a little background on me…I have owned and worked with horses since I was six years old. My first horse came home with me, after being abandoned, and lived in my parent’s garage until they could build a barn. I have continued to have at least one horse, or more, in my life since then. I’ve competed in many English disciplines growing up, winning ribbons and trophies in Jumping, English Pleasure, Show Hunter, and Classical Dressage.

Originally from Maryland, I trained and showed all during my childhood years in English disciplines.  I then moved to California in 1990 where I worked with Western disciplined trainers and competed in Western Equitation, Western Pleasure, Cutting, and Team Penning.  Then in 2016, I moved back to Maryland and have continued to help horses and humans around the world through my online programs and my one-to-one personal training clinics.  Over the many years of owning horses, I have taught basic horsemanship, safety, relationship training, and riding lessons to both adults and children.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree, and a Master’s degree, in Behavioral Psychology and I enjoy combining my educational background with my passion and love of horses. I enjoy helping people all over the world with personal and horse-related issues, helping them understand themselves and their horses.

I enjoy learning and have continued to study with many well-known trainers around the world for years. I feel that I am always in a state of learning, from both humans and horses and I will continue learning until the day I die.

I am passionate about helping humans and horses alike to get to know each other better and communicate on a more equal level. This passion has taken me on to my next phase of life teaching and sharing with others what I have learned during my 45+ years with horses.

My burning desire to help other people like myself, looking for the next link in their education has pushed me to travel and give clinics around the world to so many like-minded horse lovers. Now that I have traveled for a few years, practiced, and implemented my new blended way with horses at my clinics, I have decided to put together an online program. This allows more people access to my new way with horses all over the world and gives me the ability to share my experiences and hear and learn from other’s experiences.

Freedom in relationships, how you and your horse feel, and most importantly your intentions are the keys to this new way of being with your horse. Not to mention, having a lot of fun at the same time! 🙂