It's Time to Take Advantage of the Equine Loophole

Through my studies I have discovered 2 particular traits of horses that we can use to our mutual advantage. I call it the Equine Loophole.

Numerous studies have confirmed that horses are social animals and benefit tremendously from being part of a herd and I will show you how to put this into action.

Let’s just say, with horses it’s a case of familiarity breeds connection not contempt.

Then there is a second trait which makes it almost impossible for them to resist you!

You’ll understand more when I show you.

It’s called the ‘5 Stepping Stones To Connection’ and is a 5 step framework you can start using right away to start becoming a part of your horse’s herd and see the world through his eyes.

5 Stepping Stones To Connection

All the horse behaviour I have studied and observed over the years has reinforced my findings that if you don't start communicating with your horse on his terms, not yours, you will never achieve the trust and connection you really want.

Most training programs are focused on the how and not the why. These rote learning methods are therefore only concerned in training from the human's perspective.

Which is why so many people are left frustrated when their horse doesn't do what they want. It's simply because the horse doesn't understand what is being asked of him.

When you understand the why behind what horses do, then you will start talking a language your horse not only understands but willingly responds to.

This program will help you start that process.

Here's what you are
going to get inside

Training Videos

A series of training videos where I not only take you through the 5 steps and how to implement them but I’ll reveal to you the horrific accident which led me to the discovery of the Equine Loophole

5 Stepping Stones To Connection videos

PDF Poster

A helpful 'pin on the barn door' PDF poster which not only explains a little background on the 5 steps but also acts as a great reminder to have around at the barn or stable

5 Stepping Stones PDF Poster

Training Emails

An email training series in bite-sized format which will give you illustrations of how I put this knowledge into practise and how you can too

5 Stepping Stones To Connection lessons

Here's Just some of what you'll Be Learning

  • How to work with your horse without damaging the connection you have built up so far

  • Why you’re probably confusing your horse without even knowing it

  • A super simple way to connect with your horse in a deeper manner just as horses do with other horses

  • The single biggest secret I used to go from being a feed dispenser to becoming an integral part of my horse’s herd

  • How to put an end to all the unhelpful advice you’ve been getting

  • And much more

Your investment to start the journey with the ‘5 Stepping Stones To Connection’ is just $27.

When you compare that to the time and money you have already spent on your learning, not to mention the sheer cost of actually keeping a horse, then this is a no-brainer.

And I promise you, once you understand just how horses communicate, you’ll know why so many people fail to ever properly connect and control their horse…

But more importantly how you will finally be able to start getting the results you want and deserve.

Because once it all clicks for you - your challenges are over.

As one of my students said to me, “It was like going through a looking glass and I finally had everything I didn't before and it happened in an instant."

And because we’ve only just met and we don’t really know each other, I want to make the decision a whole lot easier for you by removing all the risk.

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you invest in 5 Stepping Stones To Connection’ today you will automatically get my 30 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee, so you have instant peace of mind knowing that if you really don’t like me or the program for any reason, you get all your money back.

Click the button above to get the program and start changing your life and the life of your horse now.

I hope the information I will be sending will be as enlightening to you as it was to my many students.

Dianna Williams
Elizabeth Stricklin
Karen Fitness

I do hope you'll join me and I look forward to welcoming you inside the program.

Teddie and Jazz


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