Polarity Training

What are the gurus and so-called experts not telling you?

What’s a myth, what’s a lie and what’s the truth when it comes to training?

What does science have to do with training a horse and why do we need it?

Let me share my research and my experience to help you make up your own mind.


It’s Time To Make It Simple…

Most horsemanship programs concentrate purely on the performance of the horse and how to force him, or pressure him, to do what you want. Here at Polarity Training we take a different approach with the focus on developing the best possible relationship between you and your horse. We do this by laying the right foundations before moving on to communication, herd behavior and dynamics, and sharing a 2-way conversation. After that, everything becomes far easier and more enjoyable – for both of you.

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“It is amazing how Teddie bonds with a horse that she has never met before in just minutes and with total gentleness. She gets the horse to do what she is asking him to do with only subtle body language. Her technique is fantastic because it can be applied right away and results are immediate.”

Daniele Jaekel
Rockville, Maryland

Daniele Jaekel Rockville, Maryland

“Teddie has a very good way of teaching and is able to be patient and flexible. She is kind and courteous and has many ways of getting the point across and understands how different people learn. Teddie is a wonderful teacher and an advocate for the horse.”

Lois Greenbank
Wawota, Saskatchewan

Lois Greenbank Wawota, Saskatchewan

“Every other clinic I’ve attended has felt like hard work and was always stressful for both myself and my horse. This clinic was stress-free, easy and fun and I felt like I learned so much more to benefit the relationship with my horse. I can see how any horse discipline would benefit from this clinic.”

Amanda Provinzono
Severn, Maryland

Amanda Provinzono Severn, Maryland


Learn how to connect with your horse in a deep meaningful way and start your training or play time with an amazing relationship.  Plus, learn how to do this at Liberty as well.


Learn herd behavior and how to read your horses’ body language as well as how to use your body language and herd dynamics to communicate better with your horse.


Learn how to have an amazing partnership with your horse that will not only promote a deeper friendship, but also a better performance.

“Teddie, It was so nice watching you and your horses play together yesterday and seeing what you do. You are an amazing person. Thank you for allowing me to see the world through your horse’s eyes. It was beautiful!”

Karen Black
Hollywood Actress

Karen Black 

A word from Teddie Ziegler, Founder of Polarity Training – “Combining scientific research, 40+ years of ‘in the field’ experience and my first hand knowledge of horses, I developed Polarity Training™ to help everyday horse owners bridge the divide between humans and horses to create the relationship that they seek with their own horse.

It’s easy for us humans to forget that we come from the opposite end of the Predator-Prey Spectrum to horses and yet we expect them to bend to our will. What we need to understand is that until we start to communicate with horses on their terms not ours, we won’t be able to develop a real connection with them.  And without a real connection, the communication and the companionship will always be missing something.

This situation is then further exacerbated because what is being taught by many, many horse trainers has absolutely no basis in Equine Ethology (the science of natural horse behavior). Their advice is often misleading at best and at worst very damaging to the welfare of the horse and has left many horse owners using techniques which lead to Equine Stress.

So using my background in behavioral psychology, I studied the scientific evidence and combined it with my own personal experience to provide an approach for you that is not only scientifically valid, but is also true to my heart and hopefully to yours too.

I really want more people to experience the joy that my students and I do with our horses.  That is why I am sharing this information with you, to help you and your horse have the best of what you want in life together. Please let me know if you have any questions by clicking here, I look forward to hearing from you.”

It keeps things very simple and not complicated (baby steps). Teddie communicated so well because she spoke from her heart, believed in what she was communicating and shared with us her experiences, becoming a part of us.

Dr. Martin
Los Angeles, California

Dr. Martin Los Angeles, California

Teddie is a very gifted, conscientious, and wonderful teacher for horses and humans alike. I learned so much and every second of the course was a joy and a heart opening experience.”

Katrin Flotron

Katrin Flotron Switzerland

Teddie’s teaching methods were perfect for this group. She encouraged the members with her enthusiasm and never made anyone feel “wrong” or “stupid”. Her enthusiasm and belief in what she is teaching is infectious.”

Sue Sheridan
Ear Falls, Ontario

Sue Sheridan Ear Falls, Ontario